8. Conflict of IP and Interests (part 2)

26.8.04 |

The moments pass by, and I can hear the SC going on and on about how he had a virus crash his machine a few years back in the other office (an office without a router, or any form of firewall, even when they had XP Pro but didn’t bother to turn it on). “LOOK! I don’t know what you were doing opening weird attachments, or downloading off weird websites, all I need is the router password,” I say standing up and cutting the SC off mid-sentence. “Tell you what, I’ll give The Boss’ Daughter (BD in short) another extra IP address we have around, then I’ll look into it later,” he says packing his crap up and heading towards the door, for a meeting or something like that.

In just a few seconds, he’s gone.

I’m still staring at the door.

I walk over to the router and look at the ‘Reset’ button that’s just begging me to press it, but the problem is I don’t have a copy of the ISP DSL IP address and dial up settings (that’s all on the router, even the username and password, the router automatically dials the modem).

I slide back to my seat, fire up
America’s Army, running wildly into gernades and getting killed… then head over to a long-ish lunch.

You can’t win them all, and the SC wins this round.

EDIT: Part 2 may feel short, but most of the items I wanted to highlight have already been done for me by Ales in the comments section in Part 1. That and even reliving this episode has me feeling sucky. It’s really dumb when people don’t want to do the work but refuse to pass the work over to someone who would rather finish it off then have it drag on. FYI, its been 4 weeks and its still not resolved and I STILL dont have the router password. Once I get the SC (who's not even in the office at the moment, and our national day is coming up so there is going to be more holidays coming up) to backup and printout the router settings I am going to reset the router, change the password to 'SCISAWANKER' then pretend I don't know anything, and watch him get worried when I block his IP from the Internet and Intranet


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