11. I.T. and the Doctor (Maybe)

3.10.04 |


“So I’m going to have to help your sister then?” “Yes, but I don’t care if you really help out, its up to you.” Now, I don’t know about you guys, but when your girlfriend say that, its usually a trap. Its usually about this time you should set the stack of magazines on the coffee table on fire and run in the other direction. But I didn’t. Silly me. Ales should learn something from this and always carry matches.

”Ok, sure, no problem. I’ll follow your sister to the PC Fair, then help her get a notebook for her medical school,” I say, with a forced smile, my left hand pawing my shirt pockets for a box of matches.

Its 3 weeks later, and I’m lazing at the office, just waiting for a chance to get America’s Army launched for a few rounds of R&R, when I get a call on my cell phone. It’s the Sister!

“Hi, how may I be of service?” I say, pouring sarcasm into the phone like a drunk does with cheap whisky. “Yeah, that laptop you got me is not working right. I can’t find my files, and this comp is really hard to use,” says the Sister. I HATE people that refer to their laptops / PC’s as a ‘comp’, it sounds tacky.

<>“Just what is the problem?” I ask her. “Well for one, that software you installed for me, that X drive, is interfering with my MP3’s.” “Wait hold up, you mean the virtual drive? That I installed because you needed that Russian Language CD running because your medical school is in Russia and you don’t speak the language? How is it interfering with your MP3’s?” “Well, when I launch some MP3’s, I hear my music AND the Russian tutorial running at the same time! I got a friend to look at my ‘comp’ and he said it’s the X drive and he formatted my comp, and it was ok for a while, then the problem came back again.”
“@#^&@(“ I say under my breath. “What was that?” “Nothing, just bad reception on my cell phone. Are you telling me that your ‘friend’ formatted the laptop?” “Yes, he’s been very helpful, unlike you.” “Right. Helpful. And this person has a degree in Computing?” “No, he’s an Arts major, but he’s used computers before.” “So have monkeys, but you don’t see people letting them format computers do you?” I say, this time I forget to say it under my breath. “What was that?” “Nothing. Look, if you say he formatted the laptop, why is the virtual drive software still installed?” “The what?” she asks me. “Um.. the ‘X’ drive. Why does it still show up? I don’t think he could have reinstalled the software, seeing as how I didn’t leave you the installer CD!” I tell her, feeling smug. “Look, I don’t know why. Anyway, he helped me remove the Russian Tutorial CD, so I can hear my MP3’s, but I keep getting an error on startup every time.”

“Let me get this straight. You removed a learning software, just so you could listen to MP3’s?” I choke out. “Well, yes. It’s lonely there in Russia,” she comes back at me. “Yes, well not if I let the Chechen warlords know where you are.” “I’m sorry I didn’t get that last part, I think there’s some more interference on your cell,” she tells me, sounding bewildered. “Look, I don’t think I can trouble shoot this via the phone, let me just come over and I’ll look at the laptop ok? Maybe say, tomorrow?” I tell her, my face in my palms as I sigh in frustration. “No no no why not just call my friend and tell him what to do, I’m sure he can do it, its not like its anything big or anything, its just computers!”

Yes, your friend. I won’t let him close to a TV remote if it was up to me. Look, I’ll come over then I’ll look at it ok?” “Why can’t you tell me what to do, over the phone, then I could fix it myself?” “I don’t think you’re listening to me, I need to look at the problem, and then see what the best course of action is. Just wait till tomorrow, ok?” All I hear after that is a ‘Harrumph’ as she hangs up the phone.

I look at the wall clock, and I’m glad that the worst 5 minutes of my day is over. Feeling aggravated, I redial her number via the office phone and go, “Hi, err, my appendix just burst, could you just give me a few quick pointers on how to cut it out, I’d be REALLY grateful, Do I start cutting from the left to right, or the other way around? And just where IS my appendix anyway?” And with that I hang up and get to the pantry, for my morning cup of tea.


Stuart said...

Bring it on!!

*hands you a scalple*

Davin said...

Heh, dont take this the wrong way Stuart buddy, but lets just say I wouldnt trust myself with a scalple, no mater how drunk I am :)

AlesS said...

Ummm... Have you tried a "mirroring" approach? It's basically communication at the exact same level and complexity on both sides; you're "emulating" behavioural and communicative properties of the other side. ;]
But you have to have nerves for that. :> In this particular case, you'd just tell that sister to write down a list of books you're going to tell her, and then instruct her to give it to her friend. It's only computer books, nothing terrible, and you don't have the time to read the aloud at her friend via the phone a few days. And this way he can learn what to do at his own pace, not suffering your deranged moods at times. ;]
Why getting upset yourself? Upset them! ;>

Davin said...

Um... yeah I might not want to go to that much trouble dude ;)