10. Missunderstood

30.9.04 |

The Programmer and I are lazing in the hall, he's watching the TV and I'm reading the paper after a long day at work (in the other office even!)

There's an add for a movie, 'Sky Captain' I think it was, and he turns to me and goes:

Programmer: Hey, this movie looks cool. Have you seen it?
Me: Eh? No, cant say I have, but Jolie's in it.
Programmer: Sweet, what about Enith Baldro?
Me: Enith who? *at this point I give up trying to read the paper and face him*
Programmer: You know, Enith Baldro!
Me: Dude I dont know her, and I dont think she's acting in it man.
Programmer: Really? Wow, cause I read somewhere that she did... Ok so who else is acting in it then?
Me: Err... if I'm not mistaken... Gwenith Paltro is in it too.

There's a moment of silence as the programmer looks blankly at me, then slowly moves back to the tv.

Am I evil?


AlesS said...

Well, a little.
But you're making good progress! ;)