15. New Year

24.1.05 |

"... and then you find out the top 30% of most sold items and sum them up."
I go: "Ahaaa...", as I try to wake up the hamster inside my head.
"... sales statistics... adjust prices... the tax report... inventory..."
"... a loophole... percentage... minimise the income figures... spending..."
"So, will you be able to do it?"
Still in a dizzy state, I search the phone book for something with the word "tax" in it. And then make a call.
"... tax office... blah blah..."
"Um. Yeaa.... I'd like to report a tax fraud. Fuzzboys Inc. want to evade a bit of tax with some statistics."
"... blah blah..."
Whatever. I hang up and go out in search for a cup of coffee before someone kills my hamster.

Curiously enough, on my return a coworker tells me that Fuzzboys Inc. cancelled the order for that big twisted statistics calculation module.


Davin said...

Dude I can't tell you how many odd 'reporting' requests we get in a year, all for the sake of getting out better reports from the system. And when I say 'better' I meen better for the investors, banks and the local tax collector.

Just remember, nothing here is real!

AlesS said...

At least there's one thing good about it. You can bill them, and bill them, and again bill them. Large bills. That's one area where companies aren't so sensitive about the price. ;)