By far the strongest worded email I've ever sent

8.3.14 |

Hi, that is nowhere near a project plan.

1.       We’re number 2 (this makes no sense to me, we signed up with your company to co-develop something, and now we’re on the back burner?) – how long will job #1 take to complete before our task starts? = X days
2.       How long will it take to code? = X days
3.       How long do you want to take to test your code? = X days

Fill in the X.

Please. All I’m asking is for some numbers so that we can calculate forwards how long this will take. Telling me that we’re #2 in line of the queue makes no sense when I don’t know how long that queue is going to be, or how long you will take.

We want to feedback to the client on a date in the near future, but cannot because you have repeatedly failed to give a timeline on this.