23. Come set me on fire

3.4.13 |

[17:58:39] Horatio_Hex: i am SO close
[17:58:42] Horatio_Hex: to setting the office on fire
[17:58:52] Horatio_Hex: so so SO close

[17:58:55] Smock Miiš: oooh, send me the pics when you're there!

[17:59:03] Horatio_Hex: right now I’m just struggling
[17:59:10] Horatio_Hex: if i should bolt the doors from the outside
[17:59:12] Horatio_Hex: or not

[17:59:27] Smock Miiš: from the outside?

[17:59:31] Horatio_Hex: yes
[17:59:35] Horatio_Hex: and lock the idiots in

[17:59:35] Smock Miiš: to keep you in?
[17:59:41] Smock Miiš: oh!

[17:59:52] Horatio_Hex: no no, i'll step outside of course
[18:00:01] Horatio_Hex: though i think sales people are fireproof

[18:00:03] Smock Miiš: not another oddball of a salesperson?

[18:00:08] Horatio_Hex: a client is trying to kill me

[18:00:12] Smock Miiš: oh, I guessed!

[18:00:18] Horatio_Hex: mainly because i'm closer to them compared to the sales person

[18:00:58] Smock Miiš: why oh why do you employ salespersons that have no clue?

[18:00:58] Horatio_Hex: big server hardware + trendmicro antivirus + symantec netbackup = $90k
[18:01:18] Horatio_Hex: client says, ok, drop the trend micro and net backup, then send a quote
[18:01:36] Horatio_Hex: she sends the quote with the hardware specs / Build of Material = $90k still
[18:01:53] Horatio_Hex: now, there's like 5 pages of other SAP project docs sandwiched above this quote
[18:02:09] Horatio_Hex: client misses the $$ value, and OK's the new hardware spec / BOM
[18:02:41] Horatio_Hex: 1 month passes, the client's director of IT notices, hey, sub total # 9, its the same after you took out some components
[18:02:56] Horatio_Hex: ALL the sales guys are going 'duuuurrr what’s the same? We took out the net backup. its not the same!'

[18:03:53] Smock Miiš: oh boy
[18:03:56] Smock Miiš: inflation!

[18:04:14] Horatio_Hex: someone's going to get an inflated head

[18:04:17] Smock Miiš: dollar grew stronger in a couple of days!

[18:04:35] Horatio_Hex: or "we hoped you grew a little more stupid in the past few days so you wouldn’t notice"
[18:04:53] Horatio_Hex: now, problem is, if we backtrack, client will say 'if we didn’t find it, you would have ran with it and taken our money'
[18:05:09] Horatio_Hex: so yeah
[18:05:17] Horatio_Hex: *insert setting fire to sales people here*

[18:05:41] Smock Miiš: fire the salesperson; that should appease the gods of the client
[18:05:54] Smock Miiš: or, set him/her on fire

[18:05:55] Horatio_Hex: doubt it
[18:05:59] Horatio_Hex: the client wants blood
[18:06:04] Horatio_Hex: my blood

[18:06:42] Smock Miiš: your blood? where do you appear in this picture?

[18:06:58] Horatio_Hex: kinda the lead on the deal for the SUPER SOFTWARE APPLICATION portion
[18:07:05] Horatio_Hex: the hardware is just something I brought in
[18:07:13] Horatio_Hex: and I don’t even get any incentive for the hardware
[18:07:47] Horatio_Hex: hardware sales guys, software sales guys, infra sales guys, god. save me

[18:07:47] Smock Miiš: well then, you're in clear, just proxy the anger further
[18:08:31] Smock Miiš: well, we just fired the clueless guy we had for one year before we gave up

[18:08:47] Horatio_Hex: ooo. lucky you

[18:08:47] Smock Miiš: he made all sorts of headaches-causing jumbles

[18:08:57] Horatio_Hex: we usually just promote those kinds of people

[18:09:02] Smock Miiš: lol
[18:10:39] Smock Miiš: perhaps you should promote this one to a cleaning lady