Is this for real?

28.4.15 |

I get this unsolicited on my old Skype that's merged via MSN. Someone asking me to fill up a form for a survey. I've had a crazy long month, and I knew this was some sort of spam / pish activity, but I thought I'd see where it went.

    Me: I'm not great with forms, sorry
    OtherParty: ok
    OtherParty: why you not great ??

    Me: because i tried last time to fill up a form, but i didn't do so well
    OtherParty: why ohh ? i will guide you how to fill up trust me ok so now i meet you if you get your permisison id ok can or not ??
    Me: People died. People died because I didn't fill up the right form.

    Me: but how will you guide me to fill up a form?
    OtherParty: yes ??
    OtherParty: dont worry ok
    OtherParty: do you ahve skype
    OtherParty: or gmail

    Me: ok whats your gmail then?

    Me: ok so use that gmail?
    OtherParty: yes
    Me: can you use the gmail to send the details on the form?
    OtherParty: yes
    OtherParty: ok dear email me now on gmail ok
    Me: i cant use
    Me: it says that the account is already created
    OtherParty: ok can i have yours gmail i will send it to you ok?

    Me: I tried to register a gmail account....for you
    Me: like you asked me to
    Me: but it says its already taken [disappointed emoticon here]
    Me: I dont know what to do now

    OtherParty: ok you ahve yahoo or skype

    Me: no, only gmail
    OtherParty: ok can i have your email now
    Me: but I told you, I tried to register and it says its taken
    Me: maybe if you dont use that email
    Me: so i can use that email
    OtherParty: waht ???
    OtherParty: I use my email ok?
    Me: Well maybe you can use "" instead?
    OtherParty: ok i use it
    Me: And then i can register ""
    Me: yeah?
    OtherParty: ok
    OtherParty: ok add me ok
    Me: add you to my gmail?
    Me: Whats the password? To ""?