Myths and Legends

29.4.15 |

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: oh boy, a coworker dropped the database with a log of every carpet in every airport in the world, 2.21 TB worth

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: I'm sure you don't have this... unlucky... employees

BlahVin_Y: dropped... on his foot?

BlahVin_Y: or dropped from the DB Server = no longer there and data go bye-bye

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: yes, went bye-bye

BlahVin_Y: well

BlahVin_Y: time for him to go bye-bye as well!

BlahVin_Y: lol

BlahVin_Y: i can feel his pain

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: now to wait a couple of days to restore it from backups... damn

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: he is the project manager, so won't go bye-bye :D

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: he was testing....something....

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: and somehow it ran TRUNCATE on all partitions

BlahVin_Y: why is a 'project manager' doing stuff that touches the DB?

BlahVin_Y: ooo... he's a Project Manager that ACTUALLY knows things / works?

BlahVin_Y: oh wow

BlahVin_Y: we dont have such animals here

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: because we don't have sufficient manpower and the project manager just shines when he can do a bit of coding or playing with a database

BlahVin_Y: better than an idiot using excel, paper pushing you till you die of a 10000 papercuts

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: indeed :)

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: well, he'll bring it back

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: at least our PM fixes his own mistakes :)

BlahVin_Y: you have a unicorn

BlahVin_Y: i've heard of those

BlahVin_Y: just never seen them

NameChangedBecauseHeIsASpy: yes, oftentimes it boggles my mind when I suggest something sane and you respond that it's impossible in your company....

BlahVin_Y: well yes, you keep suggesting things like turning metal into gold, levitation, eternal youth, and things like that. Not sane at all.