I'm up there in the clouds.

17.8.15 |

Salesy_McSales: NoWin_X can we invite our prospect to the event
Salesy_McSales: sorry AWS event in loaf
NoWin_X: Salesy_McSales, its your call
NoWin_X: what is the value of our company, if the client go direct to AWS?
NoWin_X: and what would the prospect think, he asked you for ABC, and now you say, "hey, go to this event, learn about ABC on your own". what the value add here and what do we bring to the picture?
Salesy_McSales: NoWin_X, font have to snab me like this, i am asking you bcos you told me client can go direct. if you are so unwilling to teach and share is fine
Salesy_McSales: how many times do i have to tell you i need time to learn i am not as smart as you.

NoWin_X: I'm not 'snab'ing you (what is snab?)
NoWin_X: I'm telling you what i told you last week + Boss
NoWin_X: A. Client can buy direct. they manage everything. (Boss said, whats the value here? Company should do managed services)
Salesy_McSales: is OK, i can never up to your standard
NoWin_X: B. if we 'manage' it for client, then the price might be 'higher'. (Boss said this is the value we offer to the client)

Salesy_McSales: i will just see what i can do and do my best that is all
Salesy_McSales: if you think i am not doing the right thing and not up to your expectation by all means you can take over the account i will tell the managemnt i am not ready to sell cloud
NoWin_X: i dont understand where you're going with this, seriously. what is 'my expectation'?
Salesy_McSales: whenever i try to talk to you in the nice way you have to do this to me

NoWin_X: and why are you so defensive? you asked if you can bring the prospect there, i said you have to ask Boss probably because i cant make the call
Salesy_McSales: if i know i will not ask you and i will decide myself ok
NoWin_X: if the client goes there, the client has to understand all of this

Salesy_McSales: stop saying i am defensive, look back at what you wrote
NoWin_X: you need to take a step back.

NoWin_X: what do we need?
NoWin_X: 1. a quote from AWS
NoWin_X: for #1 - I've emailed something basic to AWS, and asked them to help you quote. the guy said ok
NoWin_X: #2 - hardware, configuration from AWS
NoWin_X: for #2, I've also put it in, they said ok, part of the quote
NoWin_X: tomorrow is just to go there, and say hi basically.